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Golden Rule Charity’s mission has been to support those in the restaurant and hospitality industries in times of crisis and joy by awarding grants to qualified applicants.

Golden Rule Charity

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Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

for a Flavorful Finish
  • Description

    We LOVE extra virgin olive oil - it just has to be used at the right time! Think of this gorgeous, golden elixir as a condiment that imparts color, rich flavor, and that extra fullness of texture to your finished dishes. It's an affordable luxury - that rich golden flavor that highlights the complete flavor experience, the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, the bow on your birthday present.

  • Ingredients

    Extra virgin olive oil (100%)

  • Use With

    Use this for bringing out the best in your dish. The drizzle of sunshine that makes just about everything taste better - toasted baguette, grilled meat, braised vegetables, sautéed fish, fresh caprese, or anything you're tempted to lather with boring old butter. Drizzle, dip, spray or brush. Use a little or use a lot, we aren’t here to judge.

EVOO Avocado

for Easy Blending
  • Description

    You deserve more than store-bought salad dressings, marinades, and mediocre aioli. Fear not - they are all ridiculously EASY to create on your own. All you need is this oil, vinegar or other acid, and some personal touches to make your wildest kitchen dreams come true - think restaurant style sauces to drench grilled meats, dunk salty fries, and coat anything from wild greens to roasted and raw vegetables. Who doesn’t like a tasty culinary quickie?

  • Ingredients

    High Oleic Sunflower Oil (70%), Grapeseed Oil (15%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (10%), Avocado Oil (5%)

  • Use With

    Use this blend with vinegar, herbs, spices, all kinds of citrus, and condiments like grainy mustard or Sriracha to create mouthwatering mixtures your friends, family, partner or Netflix & chill proxies alike won’t be able to resist.