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How to Fry the Perfect Eggs

You deserve the perfect sunny side up egg. Whether that’s your daily mirror affirmation or not, it’s true. Follow this recipe for a quick technique using Cooking Oil on how to get the ever sought after bright yellow yolky goodness.


1 - 2 eggs

2 tbsp Chefs Life Cooking Oil

Sea salt


Using a non-stick pan over medium-high heat, drizzle in two tablespoons of Cooking Oil. Crack an egg into a small bowl. Not cracking directly into the pan prevents unwanted shell accidents.

When the pan is hot but not smoking, slide the egg into the oil. When the white becomes vibrant, sprinkle on a little salt and slide the egg around gently in the pan. Using the excess oil, lightly baste the egg to cook the top. Once all the clear parts are white and the yolk is set (about 3 minutes), it is done. Use it on your favorite breakfast sandwich, or use our recipe because we’ve got a pretty damn good one.

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