Good cooking
starts with great oil.

Chefs life was created by
celebrated chef Brian Malarky &

his friends to give home cooks a clear and easy understanding of basic cooking principles. The secret to great cooking is ... there is no secret! Everyone can be an amazing home cook when you use the right ingredients and the right techniques. Get educated and feel empowered with pro-level products and chef-taught classes just for you. Chefs Life is here to give you the tools you need to use oil like a chef so you can make your next meal your best meal!

Chefs Life is born in the passion that burns in our business and Golden Rule Charity supports our entire community - as chefs, our goal is to nourish, through food, hospitality, and showing up to support our own. Chefs Life has teamed up with Golden Rule Charity by donating a portion of all proceeds back to the hospitality industry. Golden Rule Charity delivers resources to get hospitality employees back up and running after facing unexpected hardship. They’ve got our backs, we’ve got theirs.

Make your next meal your best meal.

Use this oil for


Use this oil for


Use this oil for