Cauliflower Hummus

Cauliflower Hummus

In a world of cauliflower everything, this garlicky, savory, and creamy hummus is a new trick to add to your cooking repertoire. Spread it on everything from olive oil toasted baguette, tortilla chips, crudite, or even loaded on a sandwich.


1 head cauliflower, roughly chopped

1/4 cup Tahini

1/2 cup Chefs Life EVOO

1/4 cup lemon juice

6 Garlic cloves

2 tbsp kosher salt



Roast the cauliflower at 400 until charred with crunchy bits, about 30-35 minutes. While roasting, gently cook the garlic in the olive oil at low heat in a small pot until the garlic is golden and soft.

When the cauliflower is ready, use your Vitamix or blender to puree the all the ingredients. Blend and season to taste with kosher salt.  If you need more liquid add water to make the mix smooth. Processing the hummus should take only a few minutes. Serve with raw vegetables and chips.



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